uniCenta oPOS

uniCenta oPOS 2.60

Free open source commercial-grade Point of Sale software

uniCenta oPOS is a branch of Openbravo POS point-of-sale and is capable of running on displays from 800x600 upwards. Most known Openbravo POS bugs have been fixed and enhancements to hardware options, additional reporting and localization.

Able to run single terminal or multi-location, multi-terminal on a range of proven commercial grade databases such as MySQL, HSQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

  • Windows XP; Windows Vista; Windows 7; WePOS; Linux; Mac OSX
    Java POS; ESCPos; OPOS;
    Retail and Restaurant sales screens
    Bar; Cafe; Leisure; Restaurant; Retailer; Supermarket; General Store; Other
    800x600 screen resolution upwards - ideal for Pad type devices
    Customizable Screen, Ticket and Receipt layouts
    Mobile POS / Mobile Point Of Sale
    Customers; Products; Inventory and Multi-Locations
    Apache Derby; MySQL; HSQLDB; PostgreSQL; Oracle databases
    Connect and Use existing Openbravo POS databases
    Multiple Printers + Supports Kitchen Display monitors
    Comprehensive Reporting
    Payment Gateways
    Barcode scanner; Weighing Scales; Mag Card; Customer Display
    User Power Scripting language
    Multi-Language - English; Spanish; German; French; Dutch; more...
    Web Services
    User and Role i.e.; Admin; Manager; Clerk; Guest Security
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    uniCenta oPOS 2.60

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    • by Anonymous

      Its wonderfull.
      Its fast and powerfull, not only does it looks good but it does a better job than other POS on t...   More